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Lowe's Grant Through Habitat for Humanity International Helps Deserving Women in Hope Mills

Ms. Shirley Kinzer purchased her home in March of 1994, since then she has been delighted to call Hope Mills, NC home. Ms. Kinzer has a daughter and grandchild who lives in the local area and hopes to one day pass this home on to her grandchild. Ms. Kinzer takes pride in the up keep of her home and over the years has worked hard to maintain it. Over the years Ms. Kinzer has encountered some physical limitations which made it difficult to access and fully utilized her bathroom. She was able to accomplish most of the modification on her own, however due to financial restraints, Ms. Kinzer was unable to complete the project. A local contractor referred her to the Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity for assistance. We were able to assist her by removing part of an existing wall, replacing an oversized bathtub with one more conducive to the space. This created wheelchair access to both her shower and tub. To complete the project we blended the flooring, wall and ceiling with materials Ms. Kinzer had on hand. These modifications will enhance her life and allow her to remain in her home for years to come.

“Your assistance has lifted much stress from my life.” Ms. Kinzer

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