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Fayetteville Habitat’s Home Repair Program (HRP) was launched to assist with home repairs for low-income homeowners. The critical repair program expands Habitat’s reach in the community by helping low-income homeowners (veterans, elderly or disabled) struggling to maintain their homes due to age, disability or family circumstances.


Preserving Affordable Housing

An often overlooked part of our community’s lack of affordable housing is preserving existing affordable homes. Due to the age of the affordable housing stock, many owner-occupied homes in the Fayetteville Area are in need of significant repairs. In many cases, those homeowners are on fixed incomes who cannot afford necessary repairs and are in jeopardy of being displaced.

Repairs include, but are not limited to:

- Exterior painting (interior if necessary from other repairs)
- Minor/major roof repair
- Minor structural repairs
- Caulk, seal, repair or replace windows and doors
- Additional insulation
- Weatherization
- Electrical hazards
- Plumbing hazards

HRP brings partnering homeowners alongside volunteers who put their values to work helping homeowners in need. The end result is homes that are safe and maintained, homeowners who are able to continue to occupy their homes, and renewed and revitalized neighborhoods.

Homes selected for HRP are based on need, availability of resources, and availability of volunteers. Applicants must also meet additional program requirements to include stipulations on homeowner occupancy, income guidelines, project location, and ability to pay the project fees.

For more information please contact Rick Callaway. Contact information below.


Rick Callaway

Chief Operating Officer &

Repair Project Manager

O. 910.593-1946

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