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Elizabethtown Framing event, January 17th, 2023

On January 17th, Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity (FAHFH), the North Carolina Department of Revenue, and a soon-to-be homeowner met in Elizabethtown to raise the walls for a Habitat for Humanity Home on Joel Street! This is the first of two homes to be built in Elizabethtown in 2023, and the first time in five years that FAHFH has built in Bladen County, NC.

Ms. Deanna Lacewell is a single mother of three, with two children still living at home, and has been working toward home ownership with Habitat for over a year. Watching her raise the first wall on her new home, after she’s put in more than 300 hours of “sweat equity” hours, was an experience that can only be described as exhilarating! The entire Crew and Volunteers cheered and hugged Ms. Lacewell as the first wall was raised with the help of the North Carolina Department of Revenue, to include Secretary Ronald Penny.

Secretary Penny shared his thoughts on the event saying, “It feels great! We’re having a lot of fun, but most importantly, we’re helping a Family that really needs the boost up. It gives us a chance to feel good about our public service.”

FAHFH CEO Brandon Price was on site as well and took the time to remind us that we (as non-profits) continue to serve through due to our volunteerism and community partners.

Barefoot Brew and Barefoot Sandwich Shop, owned by local proprietor Mr. Bo Barefoot, sourced lunch and coffee to support the local event. It’s always a pleasure to patronize small local businesses in the communities where we build, and this was no exception!

Coffee was hot and delicious, the sandwiches were amazing, and the service was impeccable!

We look forward to completing this home and moving forward to continue building safe and affordable housing in our Bladen County communities.

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