Support our Women Build Builders! 

What is the Women Build!

The Habitat for Humanity Build program recruits, educates, and ecnourages women to build and advocate for decent and affordable houses in the communities. Each Wome Build is funded by 300+ women leaders and volunters in our community. 


Why is it important?

Women make up 50 percent of Habitat for Humanity volunter force; yet often because of the lack of training, they account for less than 15 percent of workers on the contruction site. The Women Build program was establish to encourage the involvement of women in the contrcution of Habitat homes.


How does it work?

Women volunteers from all walks of life work together to raise the funds and raise the walls for the entire Women Build project. Habitat for Humanity will rely on 25+ women to be team leaders and each recruit up to 14 women for their team. Together they will make up the more than 300 volunteers needed to construct the home and recruit friends and family to support their work through a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.


Ways to get involved with Indy Women Build?

Make a donation to support our women builders in 2021! 

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Lend a hand to the Women Build by offering your expertise or company support through an in-kind donation. To discover what Habitat needs for construction and volunteer recognition, please contact

Anyone is invited to get involved as a Women Build advocate! Spread the word and follow progress by using #FayWomenBuild21

At this time we have filed all team leader spots for our 2021 build, but please share your interest in building or leading a team in next year’s project, and share the event by supporting our FayWomenBuild by getting one of our WomenBuild Shirts for this 2021.