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Capital Campaign 

The affordable housing problem is vast and needs to be addressed in a big way. Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity needs your help to make a large and lasting difference on the affordable housing landscape in our community. We are looking for 100 churches and 100 business to join to movement by donating $100 per month to the Fayetteville Area Capital Campaign. 

Pledge $100 per month

$100 a month can change the lives of an entire family, like Nyoshi Bizzell family. 


Miss Bizzell, has been teaching at Capitol Encore Academy for 4 years. She is blessed with two beautiful children a 16 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. Her family was in need of an affordable housing option. She was dealing with raising rent, which greatly exceeded 30% of her income. On top of raising rent her family was dealing with unsuitable living conditions. Their apartment had leaks and water damage. There was damage to the floor as well as damage her daughters bedroom. Miss Bizzell and her family partnered with Habitat and now live in their very own home! The children are thriving in school and are healthier and happier than ever!


Miss Bizzell "I am extremely blessed and thankful for Habitat and everything they are doing with the Partnership of Homeownership."


Pledge $100 Per Month 

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