Your vote for #teamblue supports the Vo family.

The May 31 Police Vs. Fire Build changes the look of a neighborhood, and it leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of our homeowners.

The loss of family members, their home, and more, in war-torn Vietnam, left Mr. and Mrs. Vo emotionally scarred and longing for a chance at a safe and prosperous life.

Mr. and Mrs. Vo arrived in the United States in 2013, with the dream of a better life for themselves, their daughters, and the family they left in Vietnam. From staying with friends, to becoming long-time renters, the Vos eagerly applied for Habitat’s homeownership program after seeing a family member close on their home in Hadley Court.

The process is complete, and the foundation has been laid. The Vos will also become US citizens this year, a huge milestone for anyone.

With Habitat, they’ve become homeowners. The next step is to bring their family home – to their house.

On May 31, the Fayetteville Police Department will try to out-frame the Fire Department. Framing is just the beginning.

“We are excited. Our daughters will be proud.”

You can help the Fayetteville Police Department build a safer and stronger neighborhood for the Vo family.

Engagement and sponsorship of the May 31 Police Vs. Fire Build improves a family’s future for generations to come.

Text ‘give’ to 910.387.4657, or CLICK HERE, to vote and support the build.


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