FAQs About Disaster Relief

Homeowners, Habitat partners and non-Habitat partners, may find the following information useful when looking for resources following flood and other damages.

  1. I received a call about a disaster repair grant available through Cumberland County. Am I eligible for that grant?
    Unfortunately, no. After confirming with the County office, Habitat staff was informed that Habitat homeowners that reside within City limits are not eligible for the grant. Please call (910) 323-6112 for more information, or visit Disaster repair grants from Cumberland County Community Development.
  2. Is the Disaster recovery housing repair grant from the City of Fayetteville available?
    Yes, visit Disaster recovery housing repair program through the City of Fayetteville’s Community Development Department
    For more questions regarding this grant, please call the Community Development office at 910-433-1590.
  3. If Habitat is my mortgage holder, does the staff need to know who is doing the repairs on my home?
    Yes. Habitat will need copies of all invoices, and they will be kept in the homeowners’ files.
  4. Who are the subcontractors that Habitat is using for repair and reconstruction?
    Palmetto Environmental Solutions and 911 Restoration of Fayetteville- Mold testing and treatment
    Bass Air- HVAC
    Vance Johnson-Plumbing
    Sandy Ridge Electric- Electric
    Southern Carpet- Flooring
    Brock Cabinets-Cabinetry
    WC Starling Construction- Carpentry (i.e.subflooring, sheathing, structure)
    Parks Building Supply-Building supplies
  5. How were the contractors chosen?
    Providing an excellent product to Habitat homeowners is important to us, so we have chosen contractors who have met our construction standards, are familiar with our Habitat homes, and who have met all required certifications necessary to build with Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity.
  6. May I have a copy of the mold inspection?
    Yes. All invoices and inspections will be kept in homeowners’ files.
  7. How do I get information about FEMA applications, appeals, or Small Business Administration Loans (SBA)?
    FEMA’s toll free number is 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). You can also visit disasterassistance.gov for information
  8. Where can I get information on the National Flood Insurance Program?
    Start by visiting https://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program
  9. I am not a Habitat homeowner but had damage to my home during Hurricane Matthew and I need help. Can you help me?
    Unfortunately, Habitat has a limited amount of funds and man-power, and we are currently focused on assisting our homeowners. However, we recommend you call Crisis Cleanup to be registered for volunteer clean up assistance.  Their number is 1-800-451-1954.  A knowledgeable representative will help you through the registration process.  You can also visit their website at crisiscleanup.org for more information.
  10. Why is the work to my home taking so long?
    Hurricane Matthew created an increased demand in contractor services. We have been working as quickly as possible to schedule repairs with contractors who are in high demand, and we have been working to reduce costs to the Habitat homeowners by using volunteers whenever possible. All resources we have raised will be leveraged with homeowners’ FEMA funding to ensure that the homes are rebuilt with quality and good stewardship.
  11. I originally told Habitat I wanted them to fix my house, but I’ve changed my mind. What do I do now?
    As we’ve said from the beginning, we want you to research other contractors and companies and find the fit that is best for you. We are glad you’ve found someone to complete your reconstruction.  First and foremost, please let the Habitat offices know that you are moving forward with another company.  The best points of contact are Maggie Mazaika or Chris Caddell.  Secondly, we would appreciate it if you would come by the office and sign a Contractor Waiver Form to ensure you understand the new relationship you and Habitat will have during the reconstruction process.  Lastly, if you still have a mortgage with Habitat, we need you to bring in all paid invoices.  We will make copies and put them in your file here at the office.
  12. I applied for the Realty Association Grant a month ago and haven’t heard anything. Where do I get more information about that process?
    Contact National Association of Realtors
    Attn: Hurricane Matthew Relief
    4511 Weybridge Lane, Greensboro NC 27407  -or-
    Nicole Arnold at narnold@ncrealtors.org or 336-808-4237
  13. Do I need a new termite treatment on my house and property?
    That is a decision only you can make. We recommend you call your current termite company and speak with them about your policy.  Ask if they recommend a retreatment after Hurricane Matthew and how much that might cost. The following companies are ones that Habitat has used in the past – your contract may be with one of them: Antex; Terminix; Colonial; Canady’s
  14. I’ve found that my house has termite damage. What happens now?
    Call your termite company and let them know. Ask about the contract you have with them and whether or not they will cover the repairs needed to the house.
  15. Do I have to get a building permit for the work being done on my house?
    Building permits will be obtained by the contractor doing work on your house. If Habitat is not doing your reconstruction work, it is your responsibility to ensure any contractors or subcontractors are properly licensed and insured and obtain all necessary permits. All permits for damage relating to Hurricane Matthew are free of charge. If existing damage is uncovered and needing to be fix and is not related to the hurricane, there is a charge for that permit. Call your contractor or the city office for more information. The phone number for the permitting office is (910) 433-1707.
  16. Will my personal property tax increase after repairs?
    For the 2016 tax year, you should not see a change in your expected taxes.  The 2017 tax year may be different.  2017 is a county wide re-evaluation for taxes.  Likely you will receive a notice that lists your home’s value pre hurricane.  If your property sustained hurricane damage, you will receive a second notice with your home’s value after the hurricane damage.  This will help the tax administration determine if an adjustment is needed and by what margin.
  17. I received notice on my door from the Cumberland Co. Tax Administration.  Is this a real thing and do I need to call them back?
    The County is working to determine current property values and this survey is needed to get that information.  Please call the Cumberland County Tax Administration customer service line at 910-678-7507.
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