City Council Approves Funding for B Street Construction

Fayetteville City Council approved the funding of seven (7) new construction homes in the B Street neighborhood revitalization target area.
Thanks to a partnership with the City’s Community Development team, and others, the B Street area and its residents will continue to see growth, prosperity and asset-based development.

The funds allocated from the Oakridge Estates Subdivision project to the B Street Revitalization project was to build 7 houses in the B Street Area during the current 2017-2018 program year.  Below is the information to support the actual contract that both parties, FAHFH and the City will have to endorse:

B Street Contract (7 houses) – 2017-2018 PY:

$176,400              –              Construction ($25,200 p/house)

$  28,000               –              Soft Costs ($4,000 p/house)

$  51,100               –              Infrastructure ($7,300 p/house) – includes p/lot driveways and sidewalks up to homes’ entrances

$255,500              –              Total Contract Award  ($36,500  p/house)

The funding was extracted from the current 2017-2018 program year’s contract between the City and FAHFH to build 10 houses in the Oakridge Estates Subdivision project.  The Oakridge Estates Subdivision project is not yet ready for construction since remaining underway for the installation of infrastructure.

Be a part of the growth on B Street! Join the daily neighborhood walks at 11:30 AM, Monday-Friday. Call (910) 483-0952 for more information.
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