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Walls Up at “Home for Good”

Together, Jeremy and Mandy Davis lifted up a wooden wall stud on their future home on Williams Street in Clinton.

They were not alone. Volunteers helped them raise the frame on top of concrete and brick foundation. If plans stay on schedule, the Davis family will move in by Christmas with assistance…

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Fayetteville Habitat Seeks Habitat ReStore Associate

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Fayetteville Habitat Seeks Bids for First Sampson County Build

FAHFH  is currently accepting bids from qualified bidders specializing in the areas of construction related to framing, roofing, and siding for its first Sampson County build.

Habitat is seeking the best value offer that is the most responsive to the invitations to bid and most advantageous to Habitat, considering relevant factors such as price, quality, timeliness, prior experience, and overall contractor/vendor value to the Habitat mission and ministry.

Plans and bid specifications can be seen here.

We’re hiring! Join the team!

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Habitat Welcomes Ret. LTC Tracy Coffin

Fayetteville Habitat welcomes retiring LTC Tracy A. Coffin as Chief Operating Officer. As the new COO, Tracy will oversee departmental performance as it relates to the overall success of the affiliate including finances, human resources, and office operations.

“I am extremely motivated to help those in need and to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope in Fayetteville and surrounding areas,” said Coffin.

With extensive military operations experience and a M.A. in Management and Leadership, Tracy’s goal is to provide the best support to the staff and to prospective homeowners so that FAHFH becomes the leading provider of affordable housing in the area.

Hailing from Mars Hill, Maine, Coffin is now a long-term resident of Sanford, N.C. after proudly serving 25 years in the U.S. Army.

Please call (910) 483-0952 for more information.

Habitat Ready- Disaster Preparedness

Prepare your household for hurricane season.

Having a family preparedness plan, a disaster supply kit at the ready, and an evacuation plan are just a few of the lifelines that can help you, and others in our community get through a natural disaster.

With hurricane season upon us, planning ahead can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets.

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Police vs. Fire Build: Sweat, a few pranks and community kinship through Habitat

Habitat for Humanity, families are big winners on Link Street

For the second year, Fayetteville’s fire and police departments faced off Thursday to see which team would be the first to raise the walls on two Habitat for Humanity homes being built on Link Street in the B Street neighborhood.

It was hard to tell who won between the two — homeowners are the real winners. And it was easy to see that everyone involved took the task to heart.


Your vote for #teamblue supports the Vo family.

The May 31 Police Vs. Fire Build changes the look of a neighborhood, and it leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of our homeowners.

The loss of family members, their home, and more, in war-torn Vietnam, left Mr. and Mrs. Vo emotionally scarred and longing for a chance at a safe and prosperous life.

Mr. and Mrs. Vo arrived in the United States in 2013, with the dream of a better life for themselves, their daughters, and the family they left in Vietnam. From staying with friends, to becoming long-time renters, the Vos eagerly applied for Habitat’s homeownership program after seeing a family member close on their home in Hadley Court.

The process is complete, and the foundation has been laid. The Vos will also become US citizens this year, a huge milestone for anyone.

With Habitat, they’ve become homeowners. The next step is to bring their family home – to their house.

On May 31, the Fayetteville Police Department will try to out-frame the Fire Department. Framing is just the beginning.

“We are excited. Our daughters will be proud.”

You can help the Fayetteville Police Department build a safer and stronger neighborhood for the Vo family.

Engagement and sponsorship of the May 31 Police Vs. Fire Build improves a family’s future for generations to come.

Text ‘give’ to 910.387.4657, or CLICK HERE, to vote and support the build.


Your vote for #teamred supports the Collins family

The May 31 Police Vs. Fire Build is more than a competition, it’s a life-changing event.

Ms. Fonnie Collins and her daughter, Joy (13), are ready for a change. They know that along with a new home on Link Street, God is going to bless them with a chance to make new memories, and inspire others.

On May 31, Fayetteville Fire & Emergency Management will try to out-frame the Police Department. Framing is just the beginning.

The Collins family home will be where Joy has her own room; where she will invite friends to see her Duke blue accent wall; and where she will study so that one day she can attend college.

Ms. Fonnie is enjoying every step of the process. She’s rooting for the fire department, and will be as hands-on as possible during the build. Her job at Wendy’s allows her to be involved with Habitat while supporting Joy as she attends Northwood Temple Academy.

“Home means comfort and love. I want people to feel love and peace when they walk in to my house. ”

You can help Ms. Collins and the Fayetteville Fire & Emergency Management Department build a safer and stronger neighborhood. Engagement and sponsorship of the May 31 Police Vs. Fire Build improves a family’s future for generations to come.

Text ‘give’ to 910.387.4657, or CLICK HERE to support the build.



Change lives. Change an entire community.

Our vision is a place where everyone has a decent place to live. That may sound like an audacious goal, but thanks to caring partners and volunteers, we are making great strides building alongside families who are working hard to secure their own futures and who come to us for a hand up, not a hand out.

Deborah McKinnon is a mother of three who will move into her new Habitat home with her 14 year old son, Amar. She is a graduate of Terry Sanford HS and has been in Fayetteville all her life. Ms. McKinnon is a teacher’s assistant at Head Start and works part-time at Wal-Mart. Her son, Amar, is a freshman at Trinity Christian High school where he plays basketball and football. The McKinnon Family was referred to our homeownership program by friends who are Habitat homeowners. They are most looking forward to engaging friends, family and church in building alongside them to fulfill the sweat equity requirement and contribute to lasting change in the B Street community.

The B Street neighborhood has a coalition of residents, Habitat staff, City of Fayetteville officials, community leaders, and business owners who are building a healthy community through healthful living initiatives and asset-based development.

You can help Ms. McKinnon become the first Habitat partner family to move into the B Street area.


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